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8 Feb2013

Ad Copy Demystified


What’s an advertisement? An advertisement is any notice or announcement to promote an idea, product, service or an event. It could be announced through the television, radio, or the internet. There are endless possibilities when it comes to how you want to advertise your item or idea. Some people go through vigorous pains and have huge events to officially announce their items while others do it more quietly on television or internet. Not only do advertisements help customers getting familiarized with the product but also help the company that is promoting it. Something more efficient than an advertisement is an advertising copy; or Ad copy for short. But what is an advertising copy?

What Exactly Is Ad Copy?

Advertising copy can be found anywhere on the internet. In the search results. In your Facebook or Twitter feed. They are created specifically to catch someone’s eyes, and eventually make said person click the ad copy. Usually Ad copies are either contextual or pay per click. Ad copies can be actually anything; from catchy product titles to enticing product pictures with text on them. Text of the ad copy is usually the second or third line of an ad displayed on a search engine result page or any other web page. Most ad copy makers usually add keywords about usage of the product along with the few catchy lines. This is to gather more audience for their ads. When a person searches a specific keyword on a search engine they will be linked to the ad copy if it has anything to do with it.

Ad Copy – A Bridge Between Search Results and Websites

Present time marketing is becoming more challenging to handle. With each passing day it is becoming more aggressive. Since there is always competition in the marketplace you need to make sure that your ad copies are distinct, unique and eye catching. It basically serves as the communication point between the search results and your website. The more you make your ad copies attractive the more appealing they will be towards everyday consumers. Make sure to include details about your product in your ad copy while you are at it, keep the FAQs of the general audience in mind. For example, how helpful it is compared to other products, advantages, disadvantages but more importantly, keep it short and simple. Because the last thing you would want is a dull ad that no one pays attention to.

What’s the Goal of Your Ad?

Focus on the goal you are creating an ad for. Interest a customer by informing them how your product can change their life, as clearly as possible. This is a vital ingredient for the ad copy. You need to include how far superior your item is towards others and how much more it can help your customers in changing their life. But do this indirectly as you do not want to stir trouble by openly bashing against a specific product or company. Your main goal should be to define the unique points of your product/service since they tend to attract customers into making a direct action. The probability rises if there is call to actions in your ads because the viewers are keen to mimic them.

Building credibility should be one of your advertisement goals. Offer the audience believability about the product, brand, or idea that you are advertising about. If your product is linked to everyday life it’ll have a better chance of being bought.

Details, Details, Details

Another core ingredient in your ad copy is grammar and punctuation. This is extremely important. You need to use simple words to get your idea crystal-clear to the audience. Do not pick lengthy words at random and put them in your ad copy thinking it’ll make it sound intelligent. It won’t. It also won’t help people understand what you’re talking about. Be specific and straight to the point. Remember you want your product to make an impression on people.

Test-Drive your Ad

At last before ever going out to make an ad copy or to even think about advertising your time you need to test your product, item, or idea. Will it attract everyday consumers? Does it spark an interest in someone? What things is it capable that other products are not. Ask yourself these questions before you advertise. More importantly do not promise consumers anything about your item. It is bad for your company image if you’re caught lying. Remember, make a good impression on people and they will definitely come back for more.

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