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23 Feb2013

Increase Google AdWords Quality Score


For Google to successfully optimize your account, it is important that you obtain high Quality Scores for your AdWords account. Tracking the Quality Score of every keyword is indeed a cumbersome task, therefore the system keeps track of the new keywords and eliminates all the old ones, and reduces the old key words into a simple Quality Score (QS). This Quality Score works like a charm and can tell exactly whether or not your account is headed in the right direction. The Quality Score can help you manage your AdWords account properly and optimize its performance to generate a good turnover for you.

Quality Score Visibility

Despite the many merits of AdWords Quality Score, the score is not visible to the public and is not even released to the advertisement. Let alone advertisers, the number is not even visible to the customer service representatives but on the downside, there is no reset button available to reevaluate the Quality Score. Basically, the number established by the Account Quality score is pretty much set in stone. The Quality Score is established on the basis on many factors that are set on the past activities carried out in your account. Even though, there is no reset button, but there are many ways through which a user can improve their Quality Score. You can start off by running multiple ads and if they get a better response, these in turn override the negative impact of the older ads.

Your account Quality Score tries to predict and comprehend as to how various elements would behave under certain situation. The score also tried to regulate the future searches and it tries to come up with the relevant outcomes. If a particular keyword is punched multiple times, then the QS system works efficiently to evaluate all the historical contexts of the keyword to come up with the most likely outcome of the keyword. One must bear in mind that the keyword actually indicates a trait of your account rather than just a number that can help you regulate the behavior of advertisers on your account that can moderate the traffic on your account as well.

Quality Score for New Keywords

By now you must be wondering, how does Google take all the new keywords into account to draw up a Quality Score? Since, there is no historical data or factors available for it, it seems quite impossible to for the Quality Score to cover these words, it is indeed complicated but not impossible. To take new words into account the system makes use of the word that is closest to the keyword to make a sound prediction. Moreover, the system data encompasses the information that is made available by all the other advertisers, therefore if the keyword is present in the database of another advertiser or was previously used by them; then the system can easily make a good guess. The system will give a higher Quality Score for a new word than an old one, because it works on the assumption that a new keyword is not used by many relevant ads so your account is likely to perform better for that particular keyword.

It is important that you keep a close watch on your history and the changes you make to your account. A lower Quality Score indicates that you need to take quick action and optimize your ad groups. The Quality Score is vastly automated, so it is difficult to manipulate it. So make sure that you keep track of your history and make necessary changes to your account often.

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