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22 Feb2013

How to Increase Blog Traffic


Making a blog is as easy as pie, but the real challenge is bringing traffic to the blog to make it get enough hits that will make it big. This article will enlighten its readers as to how they can make their blog mainstream, get followers and even make money out of it. Experienced actually go through tons of problems to expand their base of followers to thousands and even millions. So here it goes.

1 Promotion

Always promote it with an audience that is likely to share the content of your blog. Yes, those who share are indeed those who care. They expand the viewers of your blog by introducing it to their circle, and from there on. If everyone continues to promote your blog, the blog keeps on entering new social circles that would increase the hits and soon your blog becomes the new trend. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth; so act smart and choose your audience wisely.

2 Community

Make sure that you personally involve yourself in other communities as well. The only way to gather followers is by making a firm impact on the viewers of other community. By involving yourself, you further cement your credibility in the cyber world that makes people more likely to follow what you are saying and actively take interest in your blog activities as well.


One of the most underrated method of promoting your blog is by optimizing your blog for SEO traffic. Seach engine optimized blogs are not only easy to set up, but they also attract major media entities to your blog as well. If your blog is based on a simple WordPress format then setting up an SEO link is absolutely no problem at all. Even if you use search engines to drive 20% of total traffic, then it is highly likely that you can get a turnout of more than 80% if you just learn to properly incorporate a search engine optimized linking structure for your blog.

4 Social Media

As social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr are becoming more and more synonymous with people, and then there is no question that you need to link your Facebook, twitter and tumblr accounts with your blog. Make sure that you share everything on your blog on to your wall. Facebook is perhaps the best way to get your hands on a huge audience. People spend more time on Facebook than they do in the real, so there is a high probability that someone somewhere might stumble upon and if they find the content to their liking then you can expect a huge traffic on to your blog the next time you log in.

5 User Experience

Make your blog as attractive as you can. Use illustrations and colors to make sure that people are visually appealed by your blog. Take it as a lesson you have learned in your business management class that teaches you the importance of packaging. The more attractive a package is, the higher the chances are that it will attract potential buyers. So take your blog cover as your package, so make it as attractive as you can. Make it stand out, so your blog leave a great first impression on people.

6 Guest Posts

Accept guest posts! If you wish your blog to become a mainstream website, then do not shy away from sharing the stuff from other blogs. The more you involve them, the higher the chances are that they will also be motivated to take interest in your blog and will share your stuff with their followers. Mix and trade followers to help expand your domain and this way you can attract a huge audience.