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10 Feb2013

Write Better Calls to Action


Calls to action play a large role in all types of marketing. Even though they are just a simple, short piece of text, they still are significant for adverts and marketing schemes. They encourage the reader, or more accurately the potential customer, to do something particularly for the company – “buy, start a trial, download, call now, etc.” When calls to action are placed on websites, they make sure that the reader just does not browse the site for no use at all – they actually get the person to do something. Calls to action should be used in all forms of marketing – online websites, marketing emails, brochures, and anywhere else where they can receive attention from the reader. Also, it would always be preferable if the calls to action are highlighted or popping out in some way so that they can’t be missed.

Before Making Your CTA, Remember That…

  • If you want higher conversions from your CTA, then it would be best to add extra worth and significance in your calls to action. The idea is to make the readers feel as if it is for their benefit, not the company’s.
  • Even the littlest change in your call to action can make a lot of difference. For example, if the CTA says “Order now” for a product it would not get as many conversions as it would if it said “Get now”. Again, the simple idea is to make the reader feel encouraged and mimic the action that is being conveyed through a text-based sentence.
  • One thing should always be clear to you before you create your CTA: your desired customer response (DCR). DCR relates to what you want the people to do after they have seen your call to action.
  • All your calls to action should be perfectly clear. So clear that even an eight year old would not have a problem in understanding them. Also, the CTA should be simple and should only have one basic task it wants the reader to do.

Classic Calls to Action

  • Download Now - This call to action focuses on downloading, which is simple for everyone and “now” which makes people know their time won’t be wasted.
  • Get a Free… - As obvious, since people love free stuff, this CTA is perfect for marketing and encouraging people.
  • Join Now - This call to action works great for social network sites or membership sites.
  • Click Here - Focuses on the fact that it’s just a click away and is right there in front of the customer.
  • Start Your Trial - Trial periods in general are appetizing for the customers; they don’t require any permanent commitment and the people are free to make their own decisions.
  • Money Back Guarantee - This is a great call to action as the readers can feel assured that if they don’t like the product they placed, they can still get their money back, which enforces more people to buy without thinking so much.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - Anything which comes with satisfaction, whether it may be guaranteed by the company or other acquaintances that have used it, is always easy to buy and this is exactly what this CTA does.

A lot of us believe that it is just a probability, and that these CTAs do not really matter. But it is proven scientifically that human psychology reacts according to what it makes contact with. Therefore majority of the people actually react according to the text they read, they have a propensity of mimicking calls to action if they are convincing enough. It is of course worth the effort, work hard on it because eventually it will prove to increase your business conversion rate immensely.