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17 Feb2013

7 Tips to Writing Copy That Sells


For marketing, offers are a big deal; they promote, they lure consumers and they give leads. But, not all offers do so; many of them tend to fail. Those that fail are the ones that aren’t directed right. To create good copy, you need to keep in mind that there are some vital steps that should be ensured before getting started.

1. Aim Outside The Box

The product that is being represented deserves to be given proper promotion, because if you don’t fight for it to be sold, then the people won’t fight to buy it either. One thing should always be clear to you that even the littlest thing can affect your copy and totally kill it so you can’t afford it to be less than perfect. It sounds intimidating but it is significant. If you don’t think you have the capability of writing a perfect copy, then get someone else to do it; it would be better than taking a risk.

2. Research!

If you want perfect copy, you need to know how your target audience thinks; what they want, how they want, etc. needs to be understood so that you can meet their needs. Knowing your audience requires time – time spent on research. Without it, you’re just be taking chances and these chances can cost you.

3. Be Nice To Your Consumers

Everybody likes being treated nicely. You not doing so would lead to pissed off or disappointed customers and anybody who’s mad or let down is bound to turn away from your product, or maybe even your whole business altogether. If they’re given respect, they’ll give respect to you in return, it’s as simple as that. The same attitude to be set in your copy – that the consumers are your equals or maybe even above you since you’re the one who wants them to buy.

4. Strong Headline Is Vital

Headlines can work miracles; they’re one part of your copy that must be perfect. It should be attention seeking, interesting and promising. A few tips for strong headlines are:

  • Use the headline templates that have gained a lot of response before.
  • Promise an attractive benefit to the readers, to keep their interest.
  • Try out different headlines among some and see which one is the best.

5. Pay Attention To Your Sale

Only after you are totally attentive to your sale should you focus on other factors. More than half of the people only give adverts a glance or so – it’s natural, humans are always in a hurry. So the idea is to make sure that your sale message gets across to the reader in just a glance too. Your main aim should be on making them see the product and the benefits it could bring them; these points shouldn’t be hidden within other unnecessary lines, they should be the main points.

6. Make Your Copy Informative, Not Rubbish

Your copy should always explain the product and at the same time explain why the people should buy it. Nobody buys anything without a reason, so your copy should be the one to make them see the reason. The question “why?” is always there – and you have to answer it, in the best way possible:

  • Why is the product necessary?
  • Why is it a good buy?
  • Why is the product for them?
  • Why should they buy this specifically from you?

These are some examples of the ever present why’s in a consumer’s mind. To answer them all, you need to do one thing: make the copy informative.

7. Sales Copy Is Vital – Never Forget That

Overlooking your copy’s significance is probably one of the biggest mistakes ever in marketing. One must never let its importance slip by. Many business owners write down a few lines, check the grammar and send it to be seen by the eye of the consumers. Then they bite their lip and wonder why they didn’t get any significant response. You need to look after and care for your copy, only then can you produce a successful copy. Caring for them is time and energy consuming – businessmen can spend weeks just to create the headline and take months to write the body of it but it’s nothing shocking – at least not to the person who recognizes the importance of offers and how they need to be given attention.