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23 Feb2013

The Art of Persuasive Copy


Do you ever wonder how different your life might be if you had a greater influence on people around you? Though, not many people are blessed with the power of persuasion, but it is indeed a very simple trick and you do not have to be a Jedi to master these skills. The following tips are quite simple and their efficacy is further backed by psychological researches. So read carefully and follow them as closely as you can to finally make a greater impact on people’s actions and thoughts.

Confidence Is Key

If you argue that the sky is green and you argue with confidence that is as great as your point’s incorrectness, then there is a high probability that you can convince others too. Yes, studies have shown that confidence can shake many and if you are presenting your point in front of people that are not particularly easy to convince or impress, then walk in there with the confidence of kings. Moreover, psychological studies have further shown that when you talk real fast, people are less likely to find a mistake in your points and will generally nod along. However, if you are with a gang of people, who already agree with your point then take it slow and give them time and space to agree a little more with you. These traits are particularly effective when you have all your facts straight. Confidence and knowledge walk in hand in hand, so do your research well and please make sure you do not end up arguing on something as ridiculous as the sky is green.

Rated R (Contains Strong Language)

Just because your style of writing is Rated R does not mean that you put an F-word after every single sentence. However, mild cursing has been found to raise listener’s interest in what is being said and is believed to have greater impact on them. Additionally, make sure that you do not overdo it because it can truly diminish the message’s significance and looks incredibly tacky on part of the speaker. Studies have shown that the word damn was found to be very effective in creating the relevant impact on an audience, without hampering the speaker’s credibility. So, make sure that you remain sensitive to the audience’s interest as well, but maintain that air of bad-assedry around you.

Find Common Ground

So before you begin with the actual points of your speech, make sure that you start off by mentioning that the audience can easily agree with. Do not come off as confrontational and try to gain the support of the audience by finding a common ground and then build up on your argument.

Do Not Underestimate Your Audience

This is a very important aspect of persuading people; you must at all times balance out your speech. Of course, we live in a world where nothing is completely black or white, so be careful that you keep it grey. In simple words, try to balance out your speech and do not appear biased or completely delusional. People are smart and even if you try avoid discussing the drawbacks, they will figure out on their own. So before they figure it out by themselves, you must discuss them and show complete knowledge regarding your argument, the good points and the bad ones as well. A balanced argument is sure to have a huge impact on your audience. Of course focus more on the positive, but be sure to discuss the negative as well.

Prove It With Evidence

If your argument is devoid of any tangible proof or evidence, no one is going to pay heed to it. So remember when you are presenting your points, double-check everything and make sure that your argument is factually sound. It can definitely amp your ability to persuade other by several notches.