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8 Feb2013

Write Better Headlines


Writing effective headlines are a great way to make your article stand out. Remember that a headline is just one word or phrase that summarizes an article or the key point of your content. It is meant to clarify to the audience, what you are going to talk about. It is an effective communication tool to grab the readers’ attentions. Once the reader has been reeled in, it is your article’s job to keep the readers engaged.

Research Popular Headlines

Would not it be a waste for a captivating article to be left unread? First things first: you need to understand your target audience. A great headline to you might not be as eye-catching to them. To help you understand them, study headlines of other articles or the aforementioned template headings that have proven to exert a pull on the readers. Do not copy them, but instead dissect them and learn how they were structured to become skilled at creating your own catchy headings. Next, choose the right words and phrases; keep your readers at bay because a dull and boring caption will not even make them give your article a second glance.

Use an intriguing rhetorical question as your headline. If your question is worded carefully it’ll be easy to hold the audience. You can simply make a strong statement that clearly demonstrates that what the content will further define in your article.

5 Headline Tips

Attention is crafted via a good header. So, what are some good tips to develop an interesting headline for a great article?

  • Starting off with “Who Wouldn’t Want…” is a classic when the article is about a product or about something that needs to happen, because people will always desire something that someone else has and they do not.
  • Another phrase that can be used is “The Secret of…”. This is a powerful attention-grabber, as readers will instantly want to get in on this ‘secret’ that your article is about.
  • People will always appreciate something content that would literally help them, therefore a phrase like “A Method That’s Helping (specific class or group of people) to (specific action or task that they find difficult) will definitely do the magic trick.
  • Using “Little Known Ways to (specific action or task)” is also one of the effectual ways of constructing a title. This is a more intriguing, uncommon version of “The Secret of…”.
  • A popular phrase used by articles that promote a certain product or action or even lifestyle is “Get Rid of (a specific problem that readers face) Once and For All”. Take a common problem that your readers face, and tell them that your article can help them overcome it.

Example Headlines

  • “Quick and Easy Ways to solve (a specific problem)” also works since people, you and even I love easy solutions to problems.
  • “Now You Can Also Have” is a very attractive header, because majority of us will always desire more things.
  • “Be Like a Celebrity” is great for articles about beauty/health/fitness.
  • “Have or Build Something You Can Be Proud Of!” appeals to vanity and dissatisfaction.
  • “What Everybody Needs To Know about (a specific topic)” not only attracts people into reading the body of your article, but also challenges them to read the article and test their knowledge on the topic.

KISS Headlines

Keep it simple stupid (KISS). There are plenty of ways to write an effective headline. But there are certain types of them that have proven to literally attract millions of viewers. The essence of aforementioned information is based on the following simple steps:

  • Learn from previous headlines.
  • Understand your audience.
  • Test by using headline formulas.
  • Push it live.
  • That’s it!

Now you are capable of working out your own headlines.