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16 Feb2013

Secrets to Creating Great Offers


Offers play quite a superior role in the whole subject of marketing. They are efficient tools used to gain leads and also to advance the already present leads in such a way that they attract more and more attention in sales. But not everyone understands what “offers” really mean and many get the idea confused with several other concepts. Using a marketing offer is vital for business so it is naturally even more vital for the term to be understood properly.

Why Should You Be Careful When Creating Marketing Offers?

The term “offer” literally translates to granting something to someone so a marketing offer should also be granting something to the consumers; it shouldn’t ever be something of no use at all. Many offers are granted to the consumers after they fill a form of sorts, it is a common thing. But the point should always be remembered that whatever it is that you’re offering after they have filled forms should be useful and not disappointing because no one likes to waste time just to get something useless.

4 Types of Great Offers That Can’t Fall Flat

Generally, there are 4 basic types of offers that are actually effectual for a company to raise leads. While many offers to tend to bring out some at least a degree of response from the consumers, these 4 types of offers are the types that are sure to get a response from the consumers, maybe even a large one. This is why these 4 kinds of offer are so important for marketing. These 4 types are:

Offers That Raise Response and Lower Risk

Offers that have the potential to raise response are the ones that offer people something while promising them to not take anything in return. Along with that, offers that are limited, offering free things, and asking people’s advice are also the ones that are bound to raise response. To lower the risks of offers, you grant them something useful, reassure them in some way that they wouldn’t face any loss and at the same time make sure that they stay with you or try your wares. This works out for the consumer and the marketer both; the consumer believes to have no harm in taking a chance at your offer, and the marketer gets the advantage of a potential customer. Like in the Money-Back Guarantee, the consumers have the benefit of getting their money back if they are dissatisfied and the marketer has the advantage of getting people to actually give their product a try, so it works out for everyone.

Examples of low-risk responsive offers: Limited Time Offer, Free Gift, Free Trial, Money-Back Guarantee, Yes/No, Double Your Money-Back Guarantee, Limited Time Trial, Long Term Warranty, etc.

Offers That Reduce Price and Increase Urgency

This type of offer is especially useful when your business has many competitors. Prices are a major factor when it comes to marketing and selling, so reduced costs for the consumers are always attractive and it helps bring in potential customers. Of course, just giving away sale prices and appealing offers is not enough for majority of the people, since everyone hesitates before buying at least once. This is where the point of Increasing Urgency comes in. If your offers are emitting some kind of detail that lets the people know that they might not get this chance again, the hesitation factor is lessened and people are more inclined to buy, because as they see it, if they let go of the chance, it’s gone forever. This increases the value of the sale to them and also makes them feel better about buying a thing that could have been lost to them had they not bought it.

Examples of offers that convey urgency: Dollars Off, Group Discount, Introductory Price, Refunds and Rebates, Last Chance, Enrollment Period, Limited Time Offer, Potential Price Increasing Announcement, etc.

Offers That Improve Terms, Add Services and Make Bribes

While good offers go a long way to help increase sales and customers, offering additional advantages and services for the consumers works even better. For example, altering the payment method of their online sales or offering them multiple methods to pay so that they can choose the one that fits them, would help your sales since the people would be at ease to consume your sales and have no problems in their purchasing which also increases the potential of future additional sales. Similarly, granting the consumers no shipping charges or quick delivery services would ensure that the consumers feel better about purchasing as they won’t have to go anywhere and would receive everything at home without having to pay for it in any way, or they would prefer to buy from your business rather than others since you are the ones offering them quick delivery while other businesses deliveries could take days. To foolproof your offer even more, try adding additional things for the customer so that the offer becomes irresistible. Offering an extra free gift or providing a “buy one get one free” offer helps a lot in sales as the offer becomes hard to let go of for the consumers.

Examples of offers that improve terms, offer service and bribe: Bill Me Later, Risk Free Offer, Free Shipping, Free Gift etc.

Offers That Increase Profits and Generate Inquiries

While you are focusing on getting good, solid responses from the consumers after your offer, your main aim is still to gain as much profit as possible, which can only be done via a good response from the customers. There are some tactics that can be used to make offers that are irresistible yet profitable to you, such as Deluxe Versions of things, in which you offer a product at normal price and offer another better version of the product along with it for a discounted price; this way you sell two products instead of one and the consumer gets a good deal. For products that can’t be sold in a single step, you need schemes to promote them and to raise their awareness. This includes offering up free information or free gift for inquiry with sales so that your product can gain inquiries. Some other such schemes include Free Demonstration, Sales Call, Free Subscription, Free Membership on One, Free Samples, etc.