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19 Feb2013

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns


Recently, Enhanced Campaigns were introduced by Google and since then, this report has been receiving all sorts of responses. Many of these recent changes are outstanding like ad extensions, which some of the changes are going to be upsetting for some salespersons, since mobile targeting options will no longer be available to them. The topic of concern here is not about whether these changes are good or bad, but about whether or not you should upgrade to them now or do it later. Later, because you will have to upgrade to them at some point but you can decide as you have the margin of some months at your side.

Who Should Upgrade Later

1. Sophisticated Mobile Campaigns

Anyone running a sophisticated mobile account should definitely upgrade later. If you upgrade now, you would not have granular control anymore, meaning you will not be able to bid differently by device. You should definitely put upgrading off for later and see if Google makes any changes about the targeting. If however, you do not want to wait, then at least conjure a strategy on how to combine campaigns together before upgrading.

2. Mobile Only Accounts

Small accounts commonly only target the mobile devices, since they have medium spends and are aiming just for phone calls. They do this because it proves to be more profitable to them. However, if you upgrade now, you will lose the ability to target just mobile devices. You will normally set your bids as you do and then choose whether to override that bid for mobiles by lowering your bid by 100%, hence being zero and not showing on mobile or you can increase them to 300%.

3. Tablet Adjusted Webpages

If you want to target tablets from desktops, with the new Enhanced Campaign, you cannot do that. So if you have a tablet optimized website, you will need to ensure that it detects the tablet and leads the user to the tablet site.

4. Different Desktop and Tablet CPAs

On some accounts, tablet clicks are of more worth than desktop clicks, and on some their value is the same. And on many accounts, tablets have been totally disabled since desktop clicks are so much better. It all depends and varies. With the new Google Enhanced Campaigns though, you do not have the option to treat them differently. So if your account has different tablet and desktop CPAs, you will need to wait or work towards blended bids before upgrading.

Who Should Upgrade Immediately

1. Accounts That Target Mobile Rarely

Most of the negatives that come with this new Enhanced Campaign are related to mobile, so if your account is not doing or doing very little mobile, this Enhanced Campaign should be perfect for you and you should upgrade now.

2. Accounts Facing Issues with Geographic Bidding

About every single account out there have varying CPAs and conversion levels geographically. But not all of the accounts can do it easily and many have trouble with it. With the recent changes brought to you by Google, you can get help with your geographic bidding, and you can set big changes by geography for the same keywords and you will only have to use one campaign and bid boost. So the accounts that struggle with the geographic data should upgrade now as it is for their advantage.

3. Segmented Accounts by Extension Usage

Many accounts are segmented depending on the extension usage, since the ad extensions were just of campaign levels. So if you needed to see some different site links for some specific keywords and wanted not all of them, you had to place the keywords in their own campaigns. If you needed to use a location extensive for an ad, but did not want the extension in another ad group then you needed two campaigns for it. All this made many accounts grow unmanageable due to the extension usage. Google’s new changes allow you to change that and you can control the extensions at ad group level.


So before you go through the upgrade of these Enhanced Campaigns, you should really think it through and see how it will affect your account, because these new changes are not specifically good or specifically bad, they are varying for everyone and their account. You will have to upgrade sooner or later but many would see that if these changes are not good for their account, they will still be better off by upgrading later rather than sooner.