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13 Feb2013

How to Become a Twitter Powerhouse


Every business needs one key element to stand out from the rest. This key element, in most cases, is advertisement. Gone are the days when advertising used to be limited to television, radios, magazines, and newspapers. In today’s time, most of the businesses spend a significant chuck of their advertisement budget on online advertising.

Importance of Online Advertising and Twitter’s Vital Role

Online advertising helps a firm to get its message across the world in an extremely convenient manner. In addition to that, growing platforms like Facebook and Twitter have made it even easier to get your message across more than a 100 million users at surprisingly cheap rates. Twitter gives you the ability to send ‘tweets’, a short way of getting your message across in less than or equal to 160 characters. This restriction is more of a blessing in disguise, since it helps you to keep your message short and sweet.

Anyone can sign up for Twitter and start using it right out of the box, whether it’s a business or an individual. However, one must keep in mind that Twitter is a game of ‘Hashtags’, which are small words that can help you highlight a topic. A good business or an individual would slowly work its way up and build a reputation, but that’s not something a GREAT business would do. A great business would learn to use such a versatile platform like Twitter in an extremely powerful or cost efficient manner. In other words, it would strive to become a power user.

Why become a Twitter Power User?

Being a power user would give the user substantial advantages. These include:

  • The number of people who follow you will increase at a steady rate. More followers mean a greater audience to get your message across. If you advertise your product’s website, the probability of users clicking on the link will grow higher by the day. This will lead to more clicks on the website and ultimately, increased web traffic.

  • If your tweet seems appealing to the followers, they may tweet or re-tweet your words, increasing your range to a much, much wider circle of audience.

  • Twitter is nothing short of a hashtag universe. Tweeting right and tweeting good will make your hashtag more prominent among the rest.

These advantages are not achievable via any other source. Other social networks, such as Facebook, are not nearly as good as Twitter when it comes to spreading breaking news, blog posts or even self-promoting hyperbole. Each platform has its own charm, but if you play your cards right, you will have success welcoming you soon enough.

The Characteristics of a Good Power User

Now, the best way to begin tweeting as a power user would be to keep a few important factors in mind. These include:

  • The most important factor is that you should keep your tweets short, sweet and genuine. In cases like these, less is more.

  • You should consider re-tweeting your words, since there is a high chance that everyone may not have seen your post the first time.

  • Consider attending Tweetups. Tweetup consists of people with similar interest sitting together every month for a general meeting. This will not only make you more famous among your peers, but will also allow you to expand your knowledge at no additional cost. You get to kill two birds, no pun intended, with one stone!

  • You should spend some time in getting to know your audience. There’s practically no point in tweeting something which conflicts with your followers’ interests and likes. Knowing what your followers are interested in will make your job and your life much easier, as well as make your work far more efficient.

  • Stick to a tweeting schedule. I personally recommend @Buffer for scheduling and posting tweets. Spend some time in figuring out the right time and the right way to get your message across. However, when you are in a conference or a similar kind of event, start tweeting like crazy! This is the one time you get to cross your limits. This is a great tactic for networking at conferences and events.

Becoming an ideal Twitter power user is not something that an individual can achieve within days, it consumes times. Patience is literally the key to success in this case. Those who play it slow and steady are sure to become the winners.